Thursday, November 8, 2012

Christmas Card Handkerchief DIY

Can you believe it's already that time again? It seems like the holidays come quicker every year—and that's not me complaining!
Today, I thought I would share with you a fairly simple DIY Christmas card project. These handkerchief greetings will definitely score you some points for creativity! The design leaves plenty of room for a personalized note or photo, so feel free to make this one your own.

You will start by gathering up some handkerchiefs. My local antique store happened to have a bunch of Christmas-y ones for around $1.25 each. Plain white or lace-y ones would work really well, too! Can't find any locally? You can usually buy a lot of them on Ebay for a good price.

For the rest of the project, you will need:
Black (or red or green) pigment ink pad
Twine or ribbon
Cardstock or chipboard pieces, cut to 5x7"
A7 Envelopes
Return address stamp (optional; several styles available in the AllieRuth Etsy shop)
Your favorite Christmas greeting stamp (take a look at the HOLIDAY section the AllieRuth Etsy shop!)

First, you will want to iron the handkerchiefs to make sure you have a smooth, flat surface to work with.
Next, take your Christmas greeting stamp (I used a custom-made "May the Lord Bless You and Keep You" stamp. There's a similar one HERE in my Etsy shop!), and flip it over. Use your ink pad upside down, almost like a sponge, and dab the ink onto the rubber side of the stamp.
With your handkerchief spread out flat on top of your work surface, carefully position the Christmas greeting stamp in the middle, and press down firmly, making sure you apply even pressure over the entire image.

*Tip: You may want to practice with your stamp a few times on a scrap piece of paper to get a feel for the spots that will require more or less pressure. Once you're confident with the impression you're getting, move on to the handkerchiefs.
Lift your stamp and admire your work!
Lay a piece of printer paper over the design and press with your iron for 30 seconds to a minute to heat-set it.

Now, you'll fold up your handkerchief to tie onto the card backing. This is how I always fold mine... I think it gives a pretty, finished look.

You can write a special note on each of the card backing pieces before you tie the handkerchiefs on, if you'd like.

Take your folded handkerchief and center it on the card backing. Tie your twine or ribbon around it to secure the little package together, and make a bow!

Stamp your envelope with the return address stamp on the back flap. Now it's ready to be addressed and mailed! Christmas-y vintage postage adds a special touch. For a great selection, check out VerdeStudio on Etsy!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful christmas card idea of yours. I really love to make my own greeting cards so I'm glad that you share it here, this is another great thing to consider. BTW, I really like the pictures you provided, it looks lovely. thumbs of for you. Cheers!!


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