Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Calligraphy... just in time for next year!

I was so inspired the other day to finally sit down and do some lettering just for fun. I must be feeling kind of lovey-dovey right now, because what became of my calligraphy time was very Valentine's Day appropriate.
And here's where I tell on myself...
If you're in the stationery industry (or really the gifts industry on a whole), you know that product should probably be available for holidays AT LEAST six months in advance. Well, I just love to buck that system. And, when I say "buck the system" what I really mean is "wait until the last minute and call it preparation for next year". So, really, I'm just super early (not extremely late). I've always been an optimist.
In any case, I love how these turned out and will be making this new lettering available on some form of AllieRuth stationery in the very near future. I'll just be getting the jump on Valentine's Day 2015 that way ;)

Is it ok to put emoticons in a blog post?

I don't care... I'm gonna do it anyway.


In the meantime, here's a free printable Valentine's Day card for you! Enjoy!


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  1. So cute... just wish I had someone to give it to!


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