Friday, April 11, 2014

I'm Intense.

Chopped my hair. Cause I'm intense.

A few weekends ago, I had a great talk with my husband, who is currently reading 7 Habits. Oh, you've heard of it? Well, it's turning him into a crazy psycho so I'm warning you... if you don't want to completely change your outlook, your business, your life... don't read it.
Anyway, we were talking about how I feel like I am just on this runaway train with work. Don't get me wrong, I love designing wedding invitations. That's where I started and where I have been graciously allowed to grow with every sweet client we've had. But I have had a constant desire to use my creative energy in other ways, and no time to dedicate to those things.
After a lot of encouragement from Ryan, including some specific "tactics" to use, taken straight from 7 Habits, I decided to call up Jamie and Faith for a Vision Meeting. I shared with them my heart for creating and my desire to move forward, pursuing different avenues within the stationery world. I was scared that the meeting would elicit a "yeah, that's cool... let's get back to work" type of response. This is where I need to give those girls some credit: they're never like that, and I don't know what I was thinking. But, much to my (stupid) surprise, they were TOTALLY on board. Our meeting went on for a couple of hours! We developed plans! We drank coffee! We ate donuts! We dreamed about practical ways to implement a transition from strictly wedding stationery vendor to Stationery and Gifts Designer, and I'm so. freaking. pumped. about it.
So my head has been crazy filled with ideas and excitement and all-of-the-things. When that happens, I tend to retract to my headspace for a lot of my day, wheels turning. I'm sure it's not healthy. I hadn't talked to my mom in at least a week.
She called yesterday to tell me about an interaction she'd had with my family while out to eat the night before. They'd asked how I've been. She told them she hadn't talked to me in a while. Then, the thinking out loud (her specialty) began...
Allie's actually really busy with work. 
Come to think of it, this is the same Allie that took on an extra chemistry class her senior year just because. (I failed, by the way.)
This is the same Allie that wanted to be a surgeon. 
Even though Allie has chosen a career in art, why would anyone expect her to approach that with any less intensity?

She said, "You're intense in everything you do". Yes, I am. And it felt really good to hear that my mom does see value in how I've decided to make a living. She's a very encouraging person, but I think out of my own insecurity, I have taken her encouragement as padronism at times.

I'm intense. It's going to be an INENSE summer as we make this transition with AllieRuth. Not to be annoyingly vague (even though that's exactly what I'm doing), but I've also got a really big exciting project that I am taking on this summer, which also speaks to that intensity in every aspect of my life. It's an awesome feeling to finally be headed "in the direction of my dreams".

Thanks for sticking around as I brain-and-heart-dump onto my keyboard. It's cathartic.


  1. Good luck with all your new projects -- how exciting! There's nothing wrong with a little intensity. It's good for the soul :)

    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! ~Andrea


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